What can you do

Every person living in the Georgia Basin (and beyond) needs to understand how his or her daily activities can be good or bad for the environment.

students_workingHarmful activities can include:

  • Using pesticides or fertilizers on our gardens and lawns.
  • Using harmful household chemicals such as cleaning products.
  • Buying products made in countries far away and that need to be transported great distances by container ships to get to our stores.
  • Driving cars or trucks that leak oil.
  • Driving to work or school every day or just to the corner store a few blocks away, burning more and more fossil fuels.
  • Flushing old vitamins and medicine down the toilet or the sink.

The good news is that every person can make a difference by choosing carefully what they do to help to reduce their impact or improve the health of the environment. Some positive actions we can take include:

  • Use biodegradable household products
  • Buy local products at stores, including fruits and vegetables.
  • Buy organic as much as possible. This not only helps send the message that we don’t want pesticides and fertilizers added to our environment, but it also helps to support local farmers.
  • Recycle paints, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals at appropriate waste depots.
  • Take old vitamins and medicine back to the pharmacy so they can dispose of it properly.
  • Make sure your family car or truck does not leak oil.
  • Carpool, take a bus, ride a bike or walk to school or work.
  • Use less energy.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Don’t be shy or afraid. Ask your family, friends, and teachers to take positive action and start making changes in their own lives to improve the health of the environment.

Ask your school or even better your school district to adopt a policy to not use pesticides or fertilizers on school lawns and gardens.

Raise money for your school to buy a solar panel to run small things requiring less energy.

Together we CAN make a difference!